What to Expect
Art Psychotherapy involves working individually or in a group setting with an Art Therapist.

Art Psychotherapists are trained in art and working psychodynamically. A psychodynamic Art Therapy relationship offers an opportunity to explore thoughts and feelings in a safe and confidential space.
The art therapist is there to listen, to witness and respond to the unfolding creativity of the art work and how this resonates with the life experiences and challenges you may wish to explore.  You do not need to have had experience in art to have art therapy. 

Working Psychodynamically is deepening into and exploring the unconscious experiences that flow beneath our actions and words.  With the support of the Art Psychotherapist and within the safety, stillness and space of the art therapy studio you move towards engaging with  the underlying  feelings an image, a painting or drawing may reveal.

An Art Psychotherapist  has an  understanding of psychological processes and has the skill  to offer a process where unhelpful beliefs or patterns and behaviours can be identified. Together therapist and client build a shared visual and verbal language with which to explore this terrain.

Art making during the session may take many forms including drawing in different mediums, using pens, pencils or charcoal, using colour; painting or working with pastels, sculpting with clay or arranging found objects in sculpted scenarios. 
Experiences can be understood via images as well as words, allowing feelings to emerge in creative and often unexpected ways, this added dimension can offer a unique depth to the therapy relationship.

Often past experiences can re-emerge in later life and may stop us living to our full potential. Psychotherapy can offer the opportunity to uncover beliefs we may hold about ourselves which can help us to deepen our perception of who we are in the world and open possibilities and choice in how we relate to others. 

Art Psychotherapy can help individuals address a range of issues including;

Rediscovering creativity and purpose in life
Feelings of depression, sadness, grief or emptiness
Difficulty making or sustaining relationships, or repeatedly becoming involved in unsatisfying or destructive relationships
Difficulties in coming to terms with losses such as bereavement, relationships ending or loss of employment
Behaviour change – Gaining insight and addressing behaviours such as drug or alcohol use, self harm or eating disorders.
Panic attacks and phobia
Consultations : At the first meeting we will discuss what has brought you to seek out art therapy and how we might work together. 

Sessions: We will usually meet regularly each week. Sessions are generally 50 minutes long
Fees: The cost per individual session is £42. Group sessions are £22.
I  take account of personal circumstances and reserve some low-cost spaces. Initially we may agree a limited number of sessions, usually six to start, at the end of this period we can review progress and if appropriate we may agree to longer term work.

Phone: Tania Soley 07903 770 138